Get a great deal on Teak this fall! We currently have an overstock of Grade B and Grade C teak wood of varying lengths packaged into groups and ready to go. This wood is perfect for any woodworking, flooring, furniture or marine project. Individual/per-piece orders are also available.

**Prices do not include taxes or transportation.
**Must be paid by cash or email money transfer.
**No substitutions.

B Grade Boards

Good both sides, 22 board ft, planed – $6.00/ft $132.00/package

B Grade planed boards, net dimensions any thickness – 10% DISCOUNT SPECIAL $11.42/ft ($12.56 reg)

B Grade rough boards – $8.45/ft 4/4 stock ($9.30 reg) on minimum 100 ft purchase


C Grade Rough Boards

C Grade rough boards – CLEARANCE PRICED $4.84-$5.56 ($6.05 – $6.95 reg)