Over the last few months, we have been walking you through the production process from our southern Costa Rican plantation, as well as our unexpected visit from mother nature last summer and how we have recovered from the storm.  Now, as promised here is the last part of our journey in Mys-TEAK, an interesting path that we call Mys-TEAK Designs! 

As we explained in previous blogs, Mys-TEAK is organized into three internal ‘MysTEAK’ sections; growth (Plantations), production (Creations), and sales (Designs).  To provide our clients with the best Plantation Teak on the market, each section must work harmoniously together, while growing individually.  Our name may sound mystical but one of our missions is to be 100% transparent from seed to delivery of the teak wood we are providing.  

Once the container departs from Costa Rica’s main Pacific seaport, MysTEAK Designs responsibility begins.  Shipping takes between 25 and 35 days before arrival in Vancouver B.C.   Immediately after arrival, the logistics of various Government inspection agencies must come together so the teak can officially enter Canada. Necessary documents from Costa Rica (Mys-TEAK Creations) such as a kiln drying/heat treatment certificate, Government issued phytosanitary certificate, payment for exportation, a fully itemized list of the products and more. All these requirements must be sent by email and the originals by mail to be on time when the Customs inspector requires it. The inspector will check and inform when the process is ready. The inspection can be digital or physical depending on a variety of factors.  When it takes place digitally, the process moves along quickly but periodically a physical inspection is done and when that happens it can really test your patience and pocketbook!  

Once the container is released from Customs, onward transportation must be ready. These steps happen quickly so everything must be organized before the container arrives in Canada.  While the container is in transit, we are busy organizing the warehouse to ensure the space is available.  We also work to coordinate incoming product with our advance sales. 

When the teak arrives at the warehouse, there is some coordination that is required including moving heavy inventory around the warehouse and managing overall inventory levels and available space.  While this may take a few days, it is necessary for every business.  

During the inventory we take the opportunity to double check the wood for quality.  All of this is done while we continue to take orders, answer client’s questions and help each and every one with their projects!