Having a unique piece of furniture with a story behind it is impossible to achieve without a team working
with one united vision. Our vision and promise is a “zero waste rule”– from the root up! Due to
excessive, unsustainable logging over the past century, natural teak forests are disappearing.
Fortunately, our team at Mys-TEAK takes sustainability very seriously and we have dedicated ourselves
to providing a high end, quality plantation teak without compromising the primary forest or the quality
of the end result. However, doing this is no easy task-

We would like to share with you the hidden effort behind the scenes.

The process starts when the mature tree is cut down and the stump and root is left behind. The root is
then gutted from the ground and taken to the mill. We then slice the trunk portion creating cookies that can be used for a variety of projects and the remaining root is trimmed, and dried; this can take up to a year. When the cookies and stumps
are removed from the kiln drying area, we prepare them for the cleaning, sanding, and smoothing. The
process of removing the bark is always easier when the pieces are fully dried.

It takes to one of the members of our team between 4-5 days to complete the task on a medium-sized
piece, and as bigger the piece is, the longer it takes to remove everything and complete the process of
sanding and smoothing to finish shaping that unique piece of art designed by mother nature.
Every teak item is unique in shape, colour and size making this a truly a one-of-a-kind statement piece.
Let the wood tell a social story in its sustainable journey from seed to final user – it will often become
the focal point of any room it is placed in.

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